Monday, September 14, 2009

A Message to MTV Viewers!

The decision to share my polyamorous life with millions of people on MTV is scary because being non-monogamous is taboo. I don’t think polyamory is right for everyone, and I respect monogamous relationships, but I’ve found that having more than one partner is really right for me. I am telling my story so that young people will realize that there are many choices in relationships, love, and family style. Breaking the rules about what love should look like and sharing that with the world is risky, but being fearlessly open to the world also feels incredibly freeing!

When I was a teenager in a small town, I remember seeing lesbians on television and realizing there were other people like me in the world. I hope with this show we have helped young people realize that monogamy and marriage are choices and that there are other options for creating healthy relationships. I urge all of you to remember that you are independent and powerful. You have an identity beyond having a boyfriend or girlfriend, so stay true to yourself and never be afraid to speak up about what you want.

If you are curious to learn more about relationship choices and polyamory –join the club! If you join my mailing list at, I will send a list of suggested books and websites, a ‘Best Relationship for You’ Quiz, blog entries updating everyone on my relationship with Kerry, and an invitation to a free phone workshop with me and Kerry so you can ask us questions over the phone from anywhere in the country.

I look forward to staying in touch!

My MTV True Life video blog update

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A note on being associated with polyamory on TV

As you may have heard, I'm filming for the award-winning docuseries MTV True Life: I'm Polyamorous with my wonderful girlfriend and boyfriend. The show has a viewership of ten million, many of them teenage girls, and I'm excited about the opportunity to be out and proud as a healthy happy bisexual polyamorous woman to this audience. I'd also like to portray the vibrant polyamory and sex-positive communities in New York City, and that's why I'd like to welcome you to be on the show too.

I know it's scary to be publicly associated with controversial relationship and sexuality choices; I really know- I'm an attorney for people facing sexuality discrimination, especially parents who may lose custody of their children because of it. But we fear these experiences more often than they are a reality for most people (who don't have possible child custody cases or conservative jobs), and I encourage you to think about whether you'd feel safe being out (feel free to talk to me about it). Our sexually repressive society is evolving, especially as same-sex marriage debates raise the question of what constitutes a family and a valid love style. In addition for the struggle for same-sex marriage, this raises the question of why traditional marriage gets so many extra governmental privileges, when other valid love and family styles exist which should be valued. And with our current divorce rate and rampant dissatisfaction, I think it's time we acknowledge that monogamous marriage is a CHOICE, one of many great family style choices, and functions best as a conscious choice with a full awareness of options.

When we brave criticism to be public positive examples of queer people, polyamorous people, trans people, people into BDSM, sex-positive people of all varieties, we broaden perspectives, we change minds, we let people know that sex-positive people free of shame are NOT immoral and NOT a minority, and we change society! I'd like to show this happy sexual revolutionary culture in New York with a vibrant party full of people and performers. Will you be part of it and spread the word?? If you're having trouble deciding and want to discuss it, contact me at

Diana's Upcoming MTV Events

Poly Cocktail Party on MTV! 

Monday, May 4, at the glamorous Slipper Room, home of New York burlesque!
7-11 PM. Free! Burlesque performances starting at 8PM.
167 Orchard St.

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Lady Tiger Fighter Self-Defense!!

Physical and emotional empowerment workshop for women and all queerfolk! 

Join us to model this to millions of teenagers around the world on MTV!

This Wednesday April 29, 6:30-8 PM, 440 Lafayette St, by the 6 train to Astor Place in downtown Manhattan. 
RSVP for room number!

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Come join us in dressing up and dancing on MTV on Sunday night May 3! 

We'll be at the SHEDICKULOUS SUNDAYS party at my local gay bar Sugarland in Williamsburg Brooklyn, at a party hosted by my dear friends, The Ladies of SHE-DICK, It will be a night of celebrating great queer performers in our New York sex-positive community, and dancing to electronica. Special guests JASPER JAMES and JETT BLACK AND GLOSSY! All are welcome!

Wear costumes! The theme is 'Sex Lab'! Experiment with your gender in our mad scientist lab. Wear lab coats, robot gear, be a sexy Frankenstein, interpret it however you like. You know how to work it. Hint: my poly family will be dressed as Love Revolutionaries from the Future. :-)

221 N. 9th btwn Driggs and Roebling, off the L to Bedford, Williamsburg.
Sunday May 3, 10PM-4AM, performances at midnight.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Upcoming Talk

Defender Tales: Tools for legal protection and physical protection for women
New York, NY, May 2
Healing the Womb Women's Celebration,

Activist attorney Diana Adams defends women in cases of domestic violence, family law, and sexuality discrimination. She's also a badass self-defense instructor who won a gold medal for her division in a national grappling tournament in 2008! Learn about legal resources for protecting yourself as a woman, physical power skills, and the overall empowerment and assertiveness skills to keep yourself safe in all aspects of life.