Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A note on being associated with polyamory on TV

As you may have heard, I'm filming for the award-winning docuseries MTV True Life: I'm Polyamorous with my wonderful girlfriend and boyfriend. The show has a viewership of ten million, many of them teenage girls, and I'm excited about the opportunity to be out and proud as a healthy happy bisexual polyamorous woman to this audience. I'd also like to portray the vibrant polyamory and sex-positive communities in New York City, and that's why I'd like to welcome you to be on the show too.

I know it's scary to be publicly associated with controversial relationship and sexuality choices; I really know- I'm an attorney for people facing sexuality discrimination, especially parents who may lose custody of their children because of it. But we fear these experiences more often than they are a reality for most people (who don't have possible child custody cases or conservative jobs), and I encourage you to think about whether you'd feel safe being out (feel free to talk to me about it). Our sexually repressive society is evolving, especially as same-sex marriage debates raise the question of what constitutes a family and a valid love style. In addition for the struggle for same-sex marriage, this raises the question of why traditional marriage gets so many extra governmental privileges, when other valid love and family styles exist which should be valued. And with our current divorce rate and rampant dissatisfaction, I think it's time we acknowledge that monogamous marriage is a CHOICE, one of many great family style choices, and functions best as a conscious choice with a full awareness of options.

When we brave criticism to be public positive examples of queer people, polyamorous people, trans people, people into BDSM, sex-positive people of all varieties, we broaden perspectives, we change minds, we let people know that sex-positive people free of shame are NOT immoral and NOT a minority, and we change society! I'd like to show this happy sexual revolutionary culture in New York with a vibrant party full of people and performers. Will you be part of it and spread the word?? If you're having trouble deciding and want to discuss it, contact me at diana.poly@gmail.com.

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